• Grounding Identity, Call, and Community in the Gospel
  • Grounding in the identity and community of the United Church of Christ
  • Worship
  • Chaplains available


  • Engaging critical thinking and reflection at the intersection of our faith and work
  • Sabbath -- taking time away from constantly doing, and from technology, to rest and process
  • Critical thought in collective spaces
  • How will we model that?
  • Creative processing, art, interactive space
  • Contemplative prayer processing space


  • Decolonized-Service projects or service projects as pastoral care
  • Identity work, self/other/community
  • Freierian pedagogical space
  • Holy Spirit encounters, or understanding faith and journey as continuing encounters
  • Self encounter
  • Encounter through Art


  • In our planning and programing, helping to illuminate that every decision is connected to economics, earthcare, ending racism, etc…
  • Organizing training, direct action and systems work
  • Opportunities to act

Community Building

  • Liturgy and Ritual
  • Resilience, celebration and beauty


  • Youth Leading and Opportunities for Development and Action