Sana Sunia

Born and raised in Santa Rosa, California, Alesana, better known as “Sana”, and is a graduate from Sacramento State University with a degree in Sociology. Recently moving back home to Santa Rosa, California, Sana currently serves as the Youth Minister and President of the Wellspring UCC, a church where his father and mother have served as pastors for the last 14 years. Along with his service in the local church setting, his work also extends to the wider church. Sana has also served as a member of the UCC Northern California Nevada Conference for three years as a representative of the youth and young adults in the conference, and he currently serves as the National Vice Moderator of Pacific Asian American Ministries within the UCC. Sana works as a campus supervisor at a high school in his hometown, where he uses his educational background in restorative justice to help steer the way his school and school district views and implements punitive measures within local schools. In his free time, Sana enjoys playing music, running and coaching football.